OOA Fonden can be contacted by email to sc@smilingsun.org or by ordinary mail to OOA Fonden, c/o S. Christiansen, Nyvej 8 B, st.tv., DK-1851 Frederiksberg C, Denmark. This mail address should only to be used for matters related to:
  • information on OOA Fonden
  • copyright, protection and possible abuse of the Smiling Sun Logo
  • agreements and licenses on production, distribution and sale of Smiling Sun products
  • history of the Smiling Sun
Any inquiry should include full name, affiliation to organisation or company, postal address and website address for additional information. 

Inquiries concerning the purchase of Smiling Sun campaign material must be directed to SmilingSun-Shop.org or to any of the organisations specified on the record ‘Organisations holding a Smiling Sun Agreement’, attached to the folder ‘Smiling Sun Shop’.

Inquiries related to the history and campaigns of the former OOA should be forwarded to OOA@dk-online.dk