OOA Fonden does not itself engage in selling campaign material with the Smiling Sun Logo. We refer to the services offered by SmilingSun-Shop.org.

In a number of countries some anti-nuclear groups and organisations have produced campaign material featuring the Smiling Sun for many years. In other countries new organisations have come into existence. OOA Fonden invites any such organisation to sign an agreement that provides the right to produce, distribute and sell campaign material featuring the Smiling Sun. The attached record of organisations contains links to their respective website and possible online shop. 

In the wake of the terrible disaster at Fukushima in Japan the demand for Smiling Sun campaign material grew dramatically. Many companies asked for and were given licenses. From many countries requests for new language versions came.  In 2011 OOA Fonden has established close cooperation with a German graphic workshop that has assisted in digital updating of the many old versions of the Smiling Sun. The workshop has also assisted in creating the many new language versions requested. 

As part of this cooperation the workshop has established the above-mentioned online Smiling Sun shop that is offering day-to-day delivery of basic campaign material such as badges, stickers and T-shirts in any language version authorized by OOA Fonden. A section of the shop’s homepage is reserved for presentation of Smiling Sun products from other licence holders providing links to respective on line shops. 

When the OOA ceased operation after 31st May 2000 the stock of Smiling Sun material was donated to WISE Amsterdam, to be sold in support of the information work of WISE. Some of that stock is still available from WISE Amsterdam. 

Organisations holding a Smiling Sun Agreement