Logo Protection - Copyright and Trademark Registration

After designing the Smiling Sun Logo in April 1975 the artist handed over all copyrights and any other material and immaterial rights of the logo to the Danish movement against nuclear power, organised within the OOA (Organisation for Information on Nuclear Power).

In 1976 the OOA decided to register the Smiling Sun Logo as a trademark in Denmark and in a range of other European countries. 

The trademark protection serves the purpose of securing the integrity and independence of the Smiling Sun Logo, to reserve profit from sales and the utilisation of the logo in general to the anti-nuclear power movement worldwide and to enable action to be taken against abuse and alteration of the logo by commercial interests, against abuse by pro-nuclear power campaigns and against political parties taking possession of the Logo. 

As of 31st May 2000 all rights of the OOA have been transferred to OOA Fonden, whose primary task it is to secure and maintain the copyright and any other rights related to the Smiling Sun Logo. The OOA Fonden enters into user agreements with groups and organisations campaigning against the development and use of nuclear power, offering to user rights to the Logo. Commercial companies committed against the use of nuclear power may apply for a licence contract allowing for production, distribution and sale of products featuring the Smiling Sun Logo. 

Effective from 13th December 2004 the Logo has been registered as EU Community Trademark no. 004193091. As such the logo enjoys trademark protection in the 27 member countries of the European Union. Registration in the US and in Switzerland has become effective from 8th September 2008 under Madrid Protocol No. 978602. The Logo is trademark registered in the original colours red, yellow and black. This has caused disputes concerning the abuse of the Smiling Sun by using other colours. In order to avoid such disputes, effective from 3rd May 2011, the Smiling Sun has by colours white/black and black/white been registered as EU Community Trademark no. 009935289. This registration covers classes 16, 24, 25, 26 and 35.

EU Trademark registration