Rights available for NGOs and Private Commercial Undertaking 

The antinuclear movement and commercial companies may be granted rights to utilize the Smiling Sun, on very different conditions however. 

1. User rights to organisations within the antinuclear movement 
Obtaining Smiling Sun user rights requires the applicant to be an organisation (NGO) campaigning against nuclear power plants and related facilities in the nuclear fuel cycle. Interested groups may contact the OOA Fonden with a brief presentation of their activities, asking for an agreement on utilizing Smiling Sun within their campaign. 

Once the agreement is signed the group is free to use the Smiling Sun logo without paying any royalty. The OOA Fonden only asks for an almost symbolic annual contribution of 25 EUR in order to maintain the protection of the Smiling Sun logo. A first time agreement will normally be valid for two years. 

The agreement provides the following basic rights and conditions:
  • The User has the right to produce, distribute and sell campaign material displaying the Logo with the wording NUCLEAR POWER? – NO THANKS in the appropriate language, based on a master copy of the Logo provided by OOA Fonden. Campaign material includes posters, badges, stickers, clothing, banners, balloons, key tags, mugs, caps etc.
  • The User has the right to use the Logo as identification mark in campaigns against nuclear power. This includes any printed matter, advertisements, audio-visual productions as well as own website.
  • The User has no right to modify the design of the Logo in any way or use different colours, unless in writing OOA Fonden has explicitly given its written accepted of any such alteration.
  • The User may rephrase the text of the Logo, provided that the message explicitly questions or opposes the use of nuclear power. Implementation of any such new text version requires the written declaration that the OOA Fonden explicitly has accepted the alteration.
  • The User must as part of any use of the Logo include the symbol ® thus indicating the registration of the Logo.
 2. License rights to commercial companies 
Commercial companies committed against the use of nuclear power may become license holders by asking for and negotiating a license agreement on production, distribution and sale of products featuring the Smiling Sun Logo. The license is granted for specific products and language versions, usually for a period of 1-2 years.

 The license holder will be required to pay an initial basic licence and a license fee of typical 15 % based upon actual sales for any 6 months period. In some cases the license is defined as a fixed amount per item sold or produced. The initial license may range between 100-2.000 EUR, depending upon the kind of operation planned. This prepaid license will be set off against the license based upon actual sales.  

3. Commercial utilization of goodwill
Commercial companies may in some cases wish to utilize the goodwill connected to the Smiling Sun logo in their general marketing and promotion. It is possible to license such use by means as posters, brochures, and advertisements or by displaying the Smiling Sun on the homepage of the company. The level of the license fee will vary very much depending upon the specific kind of use, especially the print run and the expected public exposure. 

4. Use by political parties
It has been the strict policy of the OOA to keep the Smiling Sun independent of political parties and oppose any attempt from a political party to take possession of the logo. However, within specific limitations political parties may be granted license rights to use the Smiling Sun. For that reason the OOA Fund has agreed upon a code of conduct concerning the use of the Smiling Sun Logo by political parties. 

5. Use by news media, cultural and public institutions
News media are welcome to receive a master copy of the Logo for free use as illustration along with articles on nuclear power and energy in general. Likewise publishing companies, film producers, exhibitions and public institutions are free to request permission to use and display the Smiling Sun for free. It is understood, however, that the Smiling Sun is not turned into a logo for the user in question or used for commercial promotion. In any case the user is requested to include the symbol ® and to give credit by adding: “© OOA Fonden – smilingsun.org 

6. Use by individuals Individuals may feel free to use the Smiling Sun for purely private purposes. This covers display on homepages, on facebook and similar social networks as well as individual private banners, stickers, posters etc. Individual users are expected always to include the symbol ® thus indicating the registration of the logo  

Any inquiry concerning licensed or free use of the Smiling Sun should, in writing, be directed to Copyright Consultant Siegfried Christiansen, Nyvej 8 B st. tv. DK-1851 Denmark. sc@smilingsun.org  

  1. Code of conduct concerning use of the Smiling Sun Logo by political parties
  2. Code of conduct bezüglich Nutzung der Lachenden Sonne seitens politischer Parteien